Tax Advisory

Tax Audit

We evaluate an organization’s tax returns and underlying records whether they meet the legal requirement. The primary purpose of a tax audit is to give the regulatory body reasonable assurance that the tax returns are exact and absolute, and that the correct amount of taxes have been declared and paid.

It involves ascertaining the accuracy of the returns filed by examining:


  • The financial statements and the books of account.
  • The supporting documentation.
  • Advising clients on matters that specifically impact their tax situations
  • Evaluating the effects of tax law changes and clearly communicating these to our clients
  • Assessing the tax implications of proposed transactions and providing solutions

Tax Intermediation

Having tax disputes unresolved can be a big problem to any individual or organization. It is therefore critical to have an expert investigate your tax to gather accurate information and resolve these disputes. Our mediators have the education, training and experience to resolve the complicated issues surrounding tax conflicts.

Tax Compliance

You risk a tax audit and penalties if you fail to comply with tax laws. Our tax compliance service is designed to keep you compliant.





This service includes:

  • Processing of registrations for direct taxes and indirect taxes (VAT)
  • Filing of employee withholding  tax (PAYE)
  • Computation of taxes
  • Completion and submission of tax returns
  • Applications for tax clearance certificates, when needed
  • Monitoring the status of your compliance obligations
  • Dealing with the GRA on your behalf
  • Assisting with tax audits
  • Structuring tax affairs

Corporate Taxation

At De Rigglets we deliver a fully comprehensive corporate tax compliance and advisory service to a diverse range of businesses (retail, manufacturing, engineering, health, etc.). We have one of the best teams whose experience will benefit our clients. All businesses are under constant pressure to maintain their market position and cope with a growing burden of regulation in all areas. It is our aim to assist businesses, in this ever changing environment, to reduce their compliance burden and also to provide valuable and practical tax planning advice to help in developing the future gains of your business.

Value Added Tax

VAT is a tax applied on the value added to goods and services at each stage in the production and distribution chain. It forms part of the final price the consumer pays for goods or services.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax which impacts on all aspects of business life. As a transaction based tax, businesses need to factor in the impact VAT will have on prospective business plans to ensure that there are no unexpected turn out of events. VAT allows the offset of input tax against the output tax due, these other indirect taxes are an additional cost of sales for clients, impacting directly on profit margins.

Our highly experienced team has a broad range of specialist skills as a result of working in practice. The skills, knowledge and experience we have enable us to provide a comprehensive range of indirect tax services and, whether you need advice about compliance matters or complex restructuring projects, our team will provide you with practical solutions tailored to your needs. Our services range from registration for the relevant taxes, return preparation and submission, general consulting, and handling dealings with the Ghana Revenue Authority.

The VAT Act specifies four main types of supply. These are:

  1. Taxable supply
  2. Zero-rated supply
  3. Relief supply
  4. Exempt supply


Tax Planning

Effectively preparing and planning your tax can help you to reduce your future tax liability. We can help you manage both your personal and your business tax issues, including understanding how upcoming business opportunities impact your tax status and vice versa. Not all tax planning opportunities are readily apparent. By having us on your team get all the strategies to be more efficient with your tax obligation, we understand how the tax legislation and other developments affect you and your business and we are constantly identifying new ways to reduce your tax liabilities.

Our focus on tax planning is to ensure that the business is structured in the most tax-efficient manner.