Smart HRM & Payroll

‘This is an incredible software that manages all your payroll and HR issues’

The Smart HRM & Payroll System is designed to meet all HRM & Payroll operations. It is designed with contemporary industry technology and can also be used to host information for multiple companies as in the case of a payroll bureau. The feature can be harnessed in other areas to ensure efficient pay processing for everyone in the organization. It is very flexible, easy to use and straight to the point.

The Smart Human Capital Manager is designed to meet all your general Human Resource operations.

The application works in the client- server mode, it also works on the network and multiple users can connect to it at the same time. The number of concurrent users is dependent on your license.

The Smart Payroll is designed to meet all pay processing operations. It is a locally developed software and has considered all the flexibilities and statutory obligations required. The system is used by Ghana Revenue Authority some major private and government institutions.

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