Accounting Services

Our Accounting services save small and medium-sized businesses the cost and stress of organizing and supervising an in-house accounting team. Provide a flexible service which can look after all your bookkeeping, management accounting and annual accounting requirements. We can also advise you on the most appropriate bookkeeping software for your business and assist with implementation, training and support.


In every business, keeping records is key. Bookkeeping is very important in a business. It involves keeping records of business transactions and how money was made and spent in the running of the business. De Rigglets is equipped with the knowledge required to properly keep your books and affairs. We help you manage all financial data and make you aware of your current financial position, as well as the transactions that occur within the company. Keeping proper books gives you a reliable measure of performance and the information helps you make better investment or lending decisions.

Whether a new or an existing company it is important to keep record of every expense. We have Accounting software which make bookkeeping easier and simple for everyone. Xero is one of the Accounting software that can be linked to the business’ bank account thus any deposit and withdrawal is recorded and notified on the software making it easier to track money flow. You can also record your invoices and bills, calculate your VAT and Levies payable to tax authorities, bank connections, has a business performance dashboard, pay runs, multi-currency, you can access with your mobile. Deal POS is also another accounting software which is more suitable to trading ventures and supermarkets. This software makes it easier to keep records of stock and sales in your business.

Payroll Management

The headache of every employer is being able to pay employees on time and without running a loss and still remember to pay them on time. The Smart HRM & Payroll software is a perfect software to manage all your payroll activities. The amazing thing about this software is that, it also take into consideration anything regarding human resource management.

It is designed with contemporary industry technology and can also be used to host information for multiple companies as in the case of a payroll bureau. The feature can be harnessed in other areas to ensure efficient pay processing for everyone in the organization. It is very flexible, easy to use and straight to the point.

Internal Control Strengthening

Our Internal Control Compliance team’s goal is to help your organization put in place and maintain a strong and leverageable internal control program. Internal controls are an integral part of the entire cycle of planning, budgeting, management, accounting and auditing. As such, we take time to understand how your organization works, identify the challenges you face, and work with you to determine a solution based on your unique needs. We uncover areas of concern that keep you from growing and create a custom solution – there is no “one size fits all” solution when determining the best control structure for your environment.

Our team works intimately with yours to better understand your organization and pinpoint your distinctive internal control structure.

Accounting Training

We offer training services for clients in bookkeeping, tax compliance and computation, accounting software that we offer for sale.